Live Art Oakland at MUA

by admin on April 29, 2013

On April 25th, local artist Obi Kaufmann organized another engaging live-drawing sketch event, “Live Art Oakland” at MUA restaurant and bar. Once a weekly Wednesday series at Levende East in Old Oakland and now a major event every few months, Kaufmann’s Oakland artist live sketch events continue to be both personally satisfying for artists to gather outside their studios with fellow artist friends, and the arts community get to meet local artists at work and directly purchase affordable art, many between $5-$30. Organizer Obi Kaufmann says of these live sketch events, “It feels like a family: the assembly,  this crew, this quilt of brilliant local art. We been doing this for years – different venues, different faces, sure, but  many of these artists I’ve been representing for years, and know better than I know certain legs of my own family. The result? a warm vibe, an accepting space, an invented family, a buzz that belies the alcohol stupor we all stumble around in looking for our pens and paper. We used to do it every week. Perhaps you remember – now, we will do it once a season.”