Creative Growth: Krip-Hop Nation 10th anniversary Celebrations

by admin on June 2, 2017

August 5, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Creative Growth
355 24th St
Oakland, CA 94612

It is time to celebrate and display our art, music and some ongoing projects like a report back from what we call, A Journey To The South, a six city tour around South Africa interviewing artists with disabilities and publicly reviel Joe Capers Project/film documentary’s the trailer with local Hip-Hop artist/teacher, Naru Kwina . We also will be dancing to the music of Krip-Hop Nation with original Krip-Hop visual art, paintings, drawings and historical flyers. List of performers are growing like poets Joy Elán, Lateef McLeod, and more. Aug 5th event featuring @DJ Disco Duck, Leroy Moore, Naru Kwina, and more

All of this begins at the end of July to coincide with Oakland’s Joe Capers Month (Aug) that formerly Mayor Jean Quan officially made official in 2013. Both days will be a visual art/music show with speakers and music mix by local musicians/poets and showing Joe Capers’ trailer of the upcoming annimate documentary.

2nd Show/Celebration

When: Aug 5th/17 Time: 4-6:30pm

Where: Creative Growth 355 24Th St. Oakland, CA 94612

Featuring DJ Disco Duck aka Gerone Spruill, Naru Kwina, Leroy Moore and surprise artists and trailer of Joe Cappers annimate documentary

Description: Brown woman in her bedroom in her wheelchair with a guitar on her lap she is looking out the window. One the walls are three posters 1) Krip-Hoop 10 anniversary poster, Poor Magazine poster and a Blind Joe Capers, The Joe Capers Legacy with Joe as a little boy behind Leroy Moore as he speaks into a microphone.
The flyer reads: Celebrating Krip-Hop Nation’s 10th Anniversary & the Legacy Of Joe Capers
Krip-Hop Nation Visual Art/Music Show
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Graphic by Manfred Schmerz​i