Naming Gallery: Dan Isaac Bortz ‘Search Party’

by admin on June 5, 2015

April 15, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – April 16, 2017 @ 10:00 pm
Naming Gallery
335 15th St
Oakland, CA 94612

Naming Gallery presents ‘Search Party’ a solo exhibition by Dan Isaac Bortz, with all new works, including graphic colorful paintings alongside an installation of painted familiar objects. Search Party is a playful body of work that sparks the imagination as it taps into the human psyche, the dreamworld and the subconscious. The work is abundant in metaphors and narratives for the viewer’s participation to interpret or expose meaning.

“This body of work is a collection of ideas pulled from personal visions. Some directly reference my night dreams, while other imagery becomes symbols for my anxieties, ecstasies and other dominant thoughts in my waking life. I am interested in this back and forth between these realms. When I create an object or a scenario in the studio, it then exists in the physical world and can influence my imagination and therefore my perception.

In many of my dreams, I am searching for others in an impossible terrain or looking to be a savior in some form. “Search Party” is a torch in a dark unknown forest. In addition to exploring the mysterious dream realm, my work also has a playful side that is a reflection of my enthusiasm to be alive in such an amusing world. I work in an intuitive manner, allowing my subconscious take the lead when creating different scenarios. Searching for meaning in the work is similar to analyzing the significance of a vivid dream.”
-Dan Isaac Bortz

Dan Isaac Bortz is a visual artist with a focus on metaphoric, surreal and ecstatically colored visions. His subject matter always changes, but the work is often humorous, curious and psychedelic in nature. The scale of his work ranges from small detailed drawings to huge painted walls. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but has traveled and lived in many different places. Dan currently lives and works in Oakland, California.

Please join us for an opening reception from 7-10pm April 15th

Music at 8pm by Joe Waine band

On view April 15th – May 15th