Royal Nonesuch Gallery: Continuous Festival by Jason Jägel & Juan Luna-Avin

by admin on July 30, 2015

April 1, 2017 @ 2:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Royal Nonesuch Gallery
4231 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

royal nunsuchAs part of their exhibition ‘Experts in Strangers Dreams’ Jason Jägel and Juan Luna-Avin will host ‘Continuous Festival’ a day-long event featuring artist-made food, drinks, guest DJ performances, video projection, spoken word and other happenings. There will also be a presentation by the artists and conversations about the works.

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Experts in Strangers Dreams
Exhibition Dates: March 3 – April 9, 2017
Gallery Hours Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm

Experts in Strangers’ Dreams is a project that emerges from a collaboration between artists Jason Jägel and Juan Luna-Avin. The two artists will create an immersive installation at Royal Nonesuch Gallery inspired, in part, by their shared affinity… for the raw urgency found in underground comics, films, and music.

The title, Experts in Strangers’ Dreams, originated as a chapter in a comic book created by Luna-Avin, where the characters worked together to build a time machine, each relying on his or her special knowledge to create this portal.

Following suit, the two artists have created a series of spaces, both real and psychic in the gallery with the aim of disorienting and transporting visitors through their installation. In doing so, the two artists reject logic and reason with their approach in favor of the nonlinear, atemporal and poetic.

Jägel and Luna-Avin will expand beyond their painting practices for the exhibition to transform the gallery with a collection of painting-sculptures, dioramas, and architectural constructions, blurring the boundaries of art-making, authorship and the viewer’s sense of time and space. The painting-sculptures are human-sized and viewers are invited to enter, sit, and otherwise interact. The structures themselves hold layered meanings and act as paintings, a place to view paintings, and an immersive frame that allows for the viewer to physically enter and exit, thereby becoming a place of movement and action. By mixing raw materials and painted surfaces with utilitarian objects like a broom or a shipping palette, the artists are able to redefine function and court the uncanny.

An audio component to the installation comprised of field recordings, music and spoken word will contribute to a sense of place and time within the exhibition. By conflating painting, architecture and sound, the gallery becomes a theatrical enactment––a stage set where the artworks are players, and the gallery a place for the viewer to interpret various narratives both real and imagined.