Johansson Projects: New Document

by admin on December 19, 2011

Johansson Projects‘ current exhibition, New Document examines how some new-media artists explore our expanding visual vocabulary as influenced by technological advances: age-old descriptive terms such as layering, cropping and rendering take on new connotations when properties from the world of screens are engaged within the work. Interpretations are generated and informed by our relationship to a computerized environment. The exhibition provides a schematic history of the materials and methods employed in such artwork by artists Andrew Chapman, Matthew Draving, Hunter Longe and Hugh Zeigler.

Gridded matrices, split-screens, and resolutions of RGB screen monitors create pecuilar cues found in artwork by Matthew Draving and expand our visual vocabulary, becoming an inherent aspect of making and viewing objects. Draving’s video, “Close Burns (Chuck and Ken)” slowly zooms in and out of a self-portrait painting by Chuck Close. Each of the halved orbs on Draving’s screen and the zoom technique exacerbates Close’s own use of the grids, each square containing small abstractions that make up his face. At the same time, Draving’s video remains self-referential to the screen’s own blend of red green and blue colors to create the image on the video screen.

Just as relevant, the artistic gesture extends from brushstrokes to video direction, three dimensional renderings, and use of myriad technological printing methods as the artists meander through the convoluted relationship between medium and meaning. One of Johansson Project’s gallery walls exhibiting four works by Hugh Zeigler succinctly illustrates how his mixed medium on canvas, LONGHANDLONGHAND is next transformed into a flattened digital print, and then further manipulated into a .GIF file, giving the once stagnant object motion and dimensionality. It leaves the audience to question how, why, or indeed does the meaning or intent of the work change as he or she walks further along the wall.

New Document Runs until January 21, 2012. Johansson Projects is open 12-6 Thursday through Friday, 11-5 Saturday and by appointment. The exhibition will also be on view during First Friday Art Murmur, January 6, 2012.