Photo Feature: Endless Canvas, “Special Delivery: Bay Area”

by admin on September 12, 2012

After an amazing event in Portland last year, Special Delivery came back to its home base, the East Bay Area, and invited over 80 of the most prolific local street artists to paint the interior space of a 36,000 square foot, three story warehouse. The building has been vacant for over a decade, and has a long history of  presence in the local graffiti art scene.  It was recently purchased by a Bay Area based firm with plans to refurbish the building into a permanent office facility. The owner of the company, who is also on the board for the Oakland Museum of California, noticed much of the graffiti in the building was done by the very same artists currently on view at the Museum. Saddened by the destruction of this museum-worthy artwork and the cultural history behind it, he asked Endless Canvas to invite the artists back to restore the graffiti in the warehouse.

Over 3,000 people showed up with a line ten deep stretching three blocks at the opening event on Saturday, Sept 8. The new pieces will be documented thoroughly and then later removed for necessary renovation of the warehouse. It will take about a year to refurbish the building. Once this process is complete, a selection of artists will be invited back to install permanent murals on the interior walls of the building.  All three stages will be documented and followed by a published book sharing the project as a whole.

All of the participating artists have spent a significant amount of time creating works of public art in the Bay Area.  Some have been featured in museums and documentaries and others are home town heroes in the underground art scene:

Swampy (IT) Pemex (LOL) Optimist (DE) GATS (PTV) Jurne Nesta (Outsiders) Roar (CBS) Ras Terms (BDS) Del Phresh (BSK) Anemal (AOD) Dead Eyes (BDS) Logo (640) Broke One (PTV) Plant Trees (DE) Goser (EMT) Quake (Lords) Coyote Feral Child Jules Muck Just Becauz Bely Kava (TFN) UpFuk Attica Ernest Doty Nina (STM) Cuss Bella Ciao (PTV) Welsed (UM) BVRS Jaut Cares Pobrecito Old Crow Blief (OBG) FreshPrince (Nasty) Jeans Somar (PTV) Nart Drama (DE) Aura (EK) ATWA Devote (SB) N.O. Bonzo Eon75 Safety First (POP) 7Seas (1810) Wesk (UM, LORDS) Meck (PI) Tupac Odd Fellow Edith Enero (TFN) Rekn (PI) Wetso (PI) Koleo Cannon Dill Irot Imp. David Polka Mr.Ef (EMT) Faring Purth Defie (Lords) Logic (TAK, WKT) Cops (640, EK) Freya Circle Face Turnip (PTV, ERC) Five (IOK) Enor (DWT, ZK8) Griffin One Release Awo Omega (DWT) Grow (DWT) Yoder Kure (NR) Sway Vator Ref (TFN) Scribbles Ankra Scez Chris Granillo Dicer Skul (1810) Duet Debl Lers Sleep Walker Ask Lizzie Adline Sasha Laurel Yum Yum Sage (BDS) Meer Brent Lady Karma