Photo Feature: Rock Paper Scissors Collective, “Solano Alley: Under the Radar”

by admin on October 17, 2012

Solano Alley: Under the Radar, on view in the galleries of Oakland’s Rock Paper Scissors Collective is a documentational exhibition of a public street that has long been forgotten by the city and a majority of institutions. Covered in refuse and needles, nestled in what could be considered one of the largest sex-trafficking areas in the United States, Solano Alley in East Oakland is now home to an enormous amount of powerful, large-scale murals. The artists, who largely reside in the area, have donated paint, time, as well as gathered a vast amount of professional and well-respected collaborators to envelop the alley from street to building top with whimsical character based images filled with cultural and thought-provocative iconography.

The local community embraces the work on Solano Alley. Artists, like those exhibiting in this group exhibition, transform the neighborhood with their art into an area where local school classrooms now visit in amazement and receive inspiration. Many of those included consider themselves to be “hybrid” artists: malleable to a variety of forms of expression, not just graffiti or street style. The group of well-known artists is not only dedicated to the transformation of the neighborhood, but to the building and strengthening of community in its entirety.

Participating artists include: Rachel Escoto, Brian Wilke, David Polka, Ernest Doty, Salvador El Chamuco Cortez, Jonny Nagel, Ajene Moss, Vince Martinez, DeadEyes, Ras Terms, Kee, NA Romano, Suzie Ferras, Krash, TDKI, Cannon Dill, Cameron Thompson, Jerry Chang, Santos Shelton, Jack Eastgate, Chris Granillo


Solano Alley, Under the Radar is on view at Rock Paper Scissors Collective at 2278 Telegraph Ave., Oakland