Photo Feature: “Carpe Diem” at LOAKal

by admin on December 19, 2012

In its new space at Jack London Square, LOAKal invited ten talented artists to seize the day! They gave each participating artist: Zoltron, Helen Bayly, Eddie Colla, Daryll Peirce, D Young V, Filth Grime, Nite Owl, Hugh Leeman, Brett Amory, and Lisa Pisa an eight feet square panel and 24 hours on December 1st to create their own contribution to this group show in unison, effectively turning the gallery into an incubator for their inspiration. Creativity works in a synergetic fashion, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Without a tremendous amount of time to deliberate, “Carpe Diem” becomes an experiment in gesture, expression and energy. Carpe Diem is one of many shows that is a testament to how a minimalist, yet finely executed exhibition centered around a basic theme or intention cleverly utilizing its strong local artist community can make a powerful impact.

Carpe Diem will be at LOAKal through December.