Photo Feature: “No Looking Back” at LeQuiVive Gallery

by admin on January 15, 2013

“No Looking Back” at Oakland’s LeQuiVive Gallery explores notions of past and future, both in response to the New Year and the Mayan fallacy of Doomsday and hype of December 21, 2012. Acknowledging these current events and interests, the artists provide both a look forward & retrospective presentation at LeQuiVive.

Oakland artist Marcos LaFarga’s catchy phrases with colorful designs and images is an experiment in words and illustration. Common phrases take on new meanings: “Risky Business” is alongside a woman (artist?) in high heels, spray painting an unknown image on a surface to which audiences are not given access. Viewers assume she is engaging in some illicit activity, such as illegal street art from our connotation and coupling of image and words. However, the phrase with an unclear image raises more questions than it answers, although a marriage of illustration and words is commonly thought to do the opposite.

Similarly, Daryll Peirce’s figures involve themselves in situations of complexity and mystery without a clear narrative or motive.  Like a dream, Peirce’s images give a visual to both a dark side and blissful moments of dreamlike consciousness. For the artist, the artworks are illustrative of strong meditations that urge to move onwards, but leave that question of where to move open to interpretation. Peirce may demand a greater interaction with his viewers, as they must translate the works into a story for themselves.

Working initially with printmaking moving into painting and sculpture, Denver artist Jaime Molina creates his artwork out of anything and everything. Blending artistic elements influenced by Mission School motifs, folk art techniques with a hint of the macabre, Molina has created a revolving set of characters that may portray the pecuilar habits of everyday people.


“No Looking Back” will be at LeQuiVive Gallery through January 25.