Oakland Artists Edition of Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna Gallery

by admin on January 25, 2013

San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery’s Sketch Tuesdays in January, organized by Oakland and San Francisco Art Enthusiast featured over 20 Oakland and East Bay artists. The event aimed to highlight just some of the many, many talented artists who are part of  a powerful artists and arts community that continues to gain significant support and receive local and national recognition.

111 Minna’s Sketch Tuesdays, inspired by Southern Exposure’s Monster Drawing Rally is a traditional end-of-the-month event series that offers the local arts community to have fun and create. Both invited and drop-in artists were sketching and painting in every style. Art for sale at extremely reasonable prices, many between $5-$30. This is the first time many of the artists in Oakland Art Edition participated in 111 Minna’s event.

The Oakland Edition of Sketch Tuesdays included artists Alison OK Frost, Alison Tharp, Brett Flanigan, Brett Amory, Bunnie Reiss, Cannon Dill, Chloe Crossman, Chris Granillo, David Polka, Ernest Doty, Ezra Eismont, John Felix Arnold, Jon Carling, Kyle Ranson, Lauren Napolitano, Lucien Shapiro, Marcos La Farga, Megan Wolfe, Nathaniel Parsons, Scott Greenwalt, Stephanie Kubo, Super Ugly, Vanessa Marsh, and Forest Stearns.