Photo Feature: “Friends & Lovers” at Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery

by admin on February 17, 2013

“Friends and Lovers” at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery illustrates the relationships and the nature of collaborations between artists. A simple framework of the exhibition was to choose two pairs of artists, Lauren Napolitano and Shrine as “friends” and Charlotte Drury and Andrew Luck as “lovers.” Napolitano and Shrine were introduced to each other while working with the gallery, while Luck and Drury have been together as an artist couple since the beginning of their exhibiting at Old Crow.

The exhibit and the art of which it is comprised speaks to the trials and tribulations relationships can endure, artistic and othewise. Collaborative exhibitions such as the this at Old Crow Gallery challenge the widely accepted belief that art is largely an act of self-expression, as well as the necessity of  authenticity and definitive authorship. The exhibition also serves as a testament to how a truly reciprocal, passionate artistic partnership, either platonic or romantic, can be reflected positively within art.

“Friends and Lovers” will be at Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery through March 23