Photo Feature: “The Oakland Zoo” at Chopsticks Urban Art Space

by admin on March 15, 2013

With a simple yet powerful theme, “The Oakland Zoo” at Chopsticks Urban Art Space exhibits satirical artworks of fantastic and at times difficult subject matter. Keeping animals as subject or incorporating animals in some way, artworks in “The Oakland Zoo” illustrate some of  the more tumultuous aspects of Oakland:  “From gangbangers to hipsters…non-permitted food trucks to sideshows…scraper bikes and hood skate parks…parks and lakes to graffiti covered streets…Occupiers to OPD…yeah, Oakland is a zoo…” the Call for Artists reads.

“Oakland Zoo” includes prominent local artists Project Elefont, Chris Granillo, Chaos 938, Ernest Doty, Cameron Thompson, Joshua Coffey, MF Urbi, Lisa Pisa, Joanne Ludwig, Eddie Colla, Nite Owl, Onedr, Aura, 7 Seas, Reggie Warlock, Basic Lee, Filth Grime, Chris Micro, Fem One, History, Imp, Kev!n, Reon English, Taylor Ridgeway, and many more.