Photo Feature: “Infinitely Bound” at Interface Gallery

by admin on March 28, 2013

Deeply aware of the many ways all beings live interdependently, Michael McConnell, Masako Miki and Crystal Morey imaginatively engage with animal imagery, foundational to each of their artistic practices, to investigate and provoke thought about how humans interact with other species and environment, and what implications this will have for the future of our planet. Works presented in Infinitely Bound at Interface Gallery touch upon such varied themes as genetic mutation and evolution, the imbalance of the natural order caused by human influence, and the psycho-spiritual impacts of a destructive relationship to nature.

In addition to new works created independently, the artists present a stimulating collaborative sculpture site, inviting viewers to actively engage with the subject matter, making connections and stimulating new ideas. Handmade cards with themes or suggested titles inspire audiences to create their own scenarios and artworks amongst the ceramic creatures on small shelves near the door.

Infinitely Bound will be at Interface Gallery through March 29.