The Asylum: Street Art Pop-up Exhibition Presented by Loakal, Chopsticks and Corrugated

by admin on May 13, 2013

On May 3rd, Loakal Art Gallery and Chopsticks Urban Art Space in conjunction with Corrugated presented “The Asylum,” where thirty of the Bay Area’s hottest artists transformed two floors of a vacant office building in downtown Oakland at 15th and Franklin. It was open to the public on Friday May 3 from 6pm – 12am, and was planned to be open Saturday, May 4th from 11am – midnight but unfortunately those hours were canceled and the event ended earlier than expected. It was truly a thrill to see this one-night-only art event. Each one of these talented artists excellently transformed a room within the building into either a small, yet powerful exhibition of their artwork, or created intriguing art installations within a room that provided audiences with an unforgettable, immersive art experience.

Participating artists included: D Young V, Lisa Alonzo, Helen Bayley, Lisa Pisa, Basic Lee, Aneml OH, Ofel OH, Jihad OH, Five OH, Aster OH, Deadmeat OH, Irot OH, JusCuz OH, Aura CBS, 7Seas CBS, Roar CBS, Gunk CBS, Reon Jarreau, Bre Gipson, Joanne Ludwig, Evan Bonelli, GX4000, PeepShow, Filth Grime, Peter Adamyan, Jessica Hess, Reggie Warlock, Anika Janell, Terry Furry, Onedr, Egads, Eddie Colla, Ozi Magana, Suer EMT, Nite Owl, Mira Leigh, Sacred Tattoo, James Swinson, Chuck Light, Stephen Morrissey, Anjali Rao, Chris Micro, and Filth Grime.