Photo Feature: Ricky Watts and Griffin One, “Chromatic Neurosis”

by admin on June 20, 2013

“Chromatic Neurosis” currently on view at Oakland’s LeQuiVive gallery is a dual show combining the artwork of two local prominent graffiti artists: Ricky Watts and Sean Griffin, also known as “Griffin One.” Predominantly made for the street, each artist’s artwork, its styles and subject matter, make a seamless foray onto gallery walls . Although sharing the medium of aerosol paint, a penchant for color and an expertise to implement it to its utmost potential, the two artists’ approaches and styles remain vastly different, and their dual show provides audiences an opportunity to see how such styles and technique may be used in disparate ways.

Ricky Watts, who recently completed Petaluma’s largest mural measuring at over 5-stories high on the side of the historic Phoenix Theater, has also recently opened up a gallery/studio in Petaluma as well. The Bay Area native’s signature abstract, gradient half-arches overlapping into a graceful explosion of color achieves a lasting impression on its audiences displayed both on canvas as well as the impressive sculptural works composed of various-shaped blocks. This show with Watts’ solo show at Zero Friends gallery, “Destination Unknown” just a few months ago of his intricately-drawn figurative works of fantastic coastal city scenes  provides a stunning example of the artist’s breadth of expertise.

Sean Griffin, originally from Arizona but now residing in Oakland has created multiple masterworks on walls  in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, recently completing artwork at the new Freespace in San Francisco, Elefunk Wall Jam in association with LOAKal Gallery and collaborating with Skinner and Ernest Doty in a mural in West Oakland. Says Griffin, “I feel compelled to blend organic forms with industrial elements; the juxtaposition of these two worlds can provide a mirror for our culture and our times, reminding us that although they may seem disparate, they are complementary, and perhaps even one and the same.”


Chromatic Neurosis will be a LeQuiVive through June 24th