Photo Feature: “Meta-Genesis” Joshua Mays and Brett Flanigan at Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery

by admin on June 25, 2013

Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery’s current exhibition, “Meta-Genesis” combines the artwork of two Oakland artists, Joshua Mays and Brett Flangian.

Joshua Mays is a self-taught painter, muralist and illustrator originally from Denver Colorado but now resides in Oakland. His vibrant, kaleidoscopic artworks are reminiscent of dreams and fantasies, but as humans observe or revel in the assortment of colors, there retains a dose of reality and possibility. “I definitely appreciate storytelling, and in general, I think storytelling is what makes art and humanity really worthwhile, and one of the things I really do love in humanity…” Mays said in an interview. ” I wouldn’t be surprised if a couple Millennia from now, we see religion based upon the stories of Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela…” Mays’ murals can be seen across the country including Washington, D.C., Denver, Portland and Philadelphia. He has also completed commissions in London, Johannesburg, and Mexico City.

Brett Flanigan’s work reflects upon the status quo: “a world where intrinsic shapes are incised by sharp lines, similar to the way a modern metropolis has the propensity to dissect and extirpate the nature surrounding it.” At Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery, Flanigan’s large-scale works on paper balances the intrinsic intuitive artist style with planning and forethought to achieve its appealing harmonious balance.  He also presents photographs from his cross-country mural tour with Oakland artist Cannon Dill. Flanigan’s artwork is illustrative of an imagined a world in which “feral beings are free to create their own unique cultures and traditions. The intent of the work is not to condemn modernity, but rather to embolden the viewer to consider the state of the present as they look towards the future.”