Photo Feature: “Quadrants” at Faultline Artspace

by admin on August 28, 2013

“Quadrants” now on view at East Oakland’s Faultline Artspace illustrates the diversity of artwork and artists working in Oakland today. At times, exhibition venues will focus on displaying art that explore similar themes, or are visually complementary in some way. Faultline’s group show illustrates that in many respects this is a positive process, as audiences and artists can further explore such themes, ideas, or processes, but it also has the potential to limit an artist’s exposure and audience. With artwork by Madeleine Tonzi, John Felix Arnold III, Santos Shelton, and Olivia Noelle, Faultline Artspace’s group show is a collection of seemingly different styles, but uses that disparity to connect the artists’ multiple audiences, as well as encouraging artists who have never shown together before to share ideas and practices.

“Quadrants” will be at Faultline Artspace, 815 High St., Oakland through October 5.