Don’t Miss: “Duodecad” at Warehouse 416

by admin on November 20, 2013

On view now at Warehouse 416, “Duodecad” group show is unbound by theme or idea, nor does it stress any particular way of looking. Duodecad, as the name implies, is a straightforward group show of twelve talented local artists making figurative and abstract art, depicting both fantastical and reality-based subject matter in a wide array of mediums– from painting, drawings, printwork and video.

Finely-drawn figurative works by Holly Mathews, Xiau Fong Wee, Nathaniel Evans, Kieran Collins, Jovic Yeban, Helice Wen and Olivia Chen expresses the group’s overarching interest in the surreal, and perhaps even macabre — skulls and entomological studies to still lifes and animal genre paintings — but overall, including the video piece by Duncan Robson, they engage with difficult ideas of ‘depiction’ and ‘truth.’ This continues in Jaclyn Alderete’s paintings and Mariangela Le Thanh’s etchings that focus on  highly emotional conditions, placing their human subjects either at odds with each other or their own corporeality within obscure environs and abstracted backgrounds, which also gives way from an examination of the figurative to the abstracted and abstract paintings of Golda King and Steve Javiel. Golda King’s lone figures gaze at the enormity of the abstract works before them while the artist gives direction and interaction with words like, “go,” “here” and “hello” written into paint; meanwhile Javiel’s images entirely envelop audiences into the visceral experience of abstraction.

“Duodecad” will be at Warehouse 416, 416 26th St., through November 23. The closing reception will be this Saturday, November 23 from 1-5pm during Art Murmur Saturday Stroll.