Photo Feature: Faultline Artspace: “8X10” Group Show

by admin on December 12, 2013

Now at Faultline Artspace, ‘8×10′ group show features many of San Francisco Bay Area’s talented artists. This group show not only allows a foundation upon which audiences can clearly see each artist’s unique style and practice, and become aware of the great diversity in the local art scene, but it also highlights the many resources of the art-space itself: not only does it offer opportunities for gallery shows and rent studio space, each artist’s work is created with Faultline’s own 8″ x 10″ inch wood art panels, which they make in other, variable sizes. This show is also Faultline Artspace and studios’ celebration of their 2nd year in its large, East Oakland warehouse. The group show includes many of the artists who have participated in past exhibitions, who have rented studios, or have otherwise contributed towards its success.

Artists include John Casey, Jon Carling, Marcos LaFarga, Joshua Mays, Deadeyes, Danielle Schlunegger, Mario MAN, Jeremy Mann, Rafael Tapia III, Cannon Dill, Charles Valoroso, Vahn Phan, DF/BM, Leon Loucher, Joemer, Don’t Fret, Clare Szydlowski, Ernest Doty, David Polka, Yosiell Lorenzo, Rebecca Rau, ESK Evan Wilson, Jayme Del Rosario, Vero D. Orozco, Kayla Taron, Janis Anton, Felicia Gabaldon, Madeleine Tonzi, Max Kauffman, Mark Britt, Fred Noland, Alan Grizzell, Ryan McJunkin, Sean Chapin, Meagan Boyd, Crystal Morey, Chris Granillo, Anika Chasuk, Felicia Ann, Jonathan Chao, Tigre Bailando, Sasha Laurel, James Gayles, Peter Adamyan, Jake Watling, Zach Clark, Nathaniel Parsons, Sean Gillespie, Sophie Leininger, Jared Jethmal, Kylie Rasmussen, Olivia Noelle, Jared Roses, Kristi Holohan, John Felix Arnold III, Santos Shelton, Cameron Thompson, Imp, Joanne Ludwig, Bre Gipson, Lauren Napolitano, Tallulah Terryll, Reon English, Yenta, Raul D’Mauries.

“8×10” will be at Faultline Artspace, 815 High Street through January, 2014