Photo Feature: “Framework” at Faultline Artspace

by admin on March 17, 2014

Faultline Artspace, with its open floor plan and brightly lit space that accommodates affordable artist studios, an exhibition gallery, as well as a common area for events such as a regular schedule of figure/life drawing, has built a hearty artist community in East Oakland. Showcasing the varied talents of the artists who call Faultline their creative home, “Framework” is both a celebration of its current artist community and of Faultline’s exponential growth since opening in 2012: from 6,000 square feet to 9,000, nearly doubling its studio capacity from 12 artists to 22.

Includes artwork by artists ESK-Evan Wilson, Yosiell Lorenzo, Janis Anton, Felicia Ann, Leisel Whitlock, David Polka, Madeleine Tonzi, Felicia Gabaldon, Ryan McJunkin, Mario Navasero, Charles Valoroso, Veronica D. Orozco, Kristi Holohan, Mark Haven Britt, Nicole Santucci, Lee Cody, Meagan Boyd, Alan Grizzell, Jonathan Chao, Sarah Newman, Rebecca Rau, and Joanne Ludwig.

“Framework” will be at Faultline Artspace, 815 High Street through April 19th.