Photo Feature: “Beacons” at Faultline Artspace

by admin on May 7, 2014

Faultline Artspace’s current group exhibition, Beacons includes artwork by local artists familiar to the Oakland arts community: Sydney Cain, John Casey, Deadeyes, Cannon Dill, Chris Granillo, Max Kauffman, Lauren Napolitano, Pancho Pescador, David Polka, Jared Roses, and Santos Shelton. Curated by Oakland artist and Faultline Artspace resident, Mario Navasero, Beacons aims to feature Navasero’s artist peers who have inspired him and who remain a source for artistic inspiration, or as Navasero says, “Ones who strive to create, rethink and observe to inspire, enlighten and signal visually.” The group exhibition is comprised of many artworks of note including a collaborative, untitled mixed-media piece by Cannon Dill and Lauren Napolitano, a mixed-media artwork by Dead Eyes, and Sidney Cain’s Earth Seed #9 that engages with the natural properties of the wood panel upon which it is created.


Beacons will be at Faultline Artspace, 850 42nd Avenue, Oakland through May 31, 2014