Cannon Dill and Brett Flanigan, “White Forest Noise” at LeQuiVive Gallery

by admin on May 27, 2014

Local artists Brett Flanigan and Cannon Dill’s dynamic artistic partnership, once manifested in sporadically-created murals locally but since fortified by a mural tour in May, 2013 that took them across the United States: Denver, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri; Minneapolis, Minnesota;  Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan; Brooklyn, New York; and New Orleans, Louisiana, has been ushered into a gallery space with an intriguing two-person exhibition, White Forest Noise currently on view at LeQuiVive Gallery. White Forest Noise, which marks the return of Cannon Dill’s artwork to the gallery but marks the first focused presentation of Flanigan’s work in the art space, delves deeper into the two men’s reflections upon and reactions to the sensation of experience through the fragmented recollections of the senses: “…It is the feeling of fear, but finding comfort within it…” reads the introduction to the exhibition. “It is the slow walk through blurred trees in the night and the crackling leaves beneath your feet that opens the mind to exploring the creative unknown.”

Both Flanigan and Dill have made successful, independent forays from public art and on the streets to the gallery walls. Each is also aware of the differences between the two, and their approaches and intentions to each medium and location. “…indoor work allows me to be more meticulous and more experimental in trying out new styles and themes,” says Flanigan. “The outdoor work is more raw and direct, the act of doing it can be sort of an energy outlet. Balancing both is important, nothing beats the feeling of finishing an intricate indoor piece, then going out and releasing all of that energy by doing some outdoor work.” The same seems to hold true for Cannon Dill, who says of these seemingly different types of work: “There’s definitely a difference from my traditional illustrations vs. the mural work. I enjoy mural work more because it allows me to focus on senses, (Being able to talk with people on the street, weather conditions, city sounds) & movement (being able to throw gestural force into a line standing vs. sitting at a table drawing).” For their dual exhibition, like all exhibitions at LeQuiVive, the wall to the immediate right of the gallery entrance is reserved for a large-scale mural by the artists whose work is on view. In instances like Dill and Flanigan where the gallery exhibits artists who work in the street and in the galleries, this wall plays an important role, providing crucial contextualization for the artists’ work, and allows viewers to gain perspective into the multiple facets of their practice.

In their collaborative work, Cannon and Flanigan’s shared affinity for intuitive forms seem to make the shared compositions effortless and provide powerful, creative manifestations. However, Cannon’s preference to work in natural figures among ambiguous landscapes with monochromatic application still remains complementary with the temperately applied geometric form and colorful abstraction that is seemingly preferred by Flanigan. In this way, Flanigan’s artwork thoughtfully meanders around Cannon’s figurative forms, both highlighting it and building upon its vibrancy and movement. For White Forest Noise Flanigan and Dill each expand upon their solo practice. Flanigan’s graphic, abstract imagery made up of bold, organically formed geometric patterns evince a skilled understanding of color and shapes. His reported background in science, as well as his interest in folklore and natural orders and systems guide his work’s direction. Cannon gives  natural elements like rabbits, frogs and winding trees a fantastical air, while images of ribbons and threads connect disparate narratives and artworks themselves. “Especially living in a city that confines me to a daily urban routine, daydreaming of nature helps me build a sense of comfort….” Cannon has said. “The environmental undertones that are present in my work are just reflections of what I hope to see in the future.”


“White Forest Noise” new artwork by Cannon Dill and Brett Flanigan, will be at LeQuiVive Gallery 1525 Webster Street through June 20, 2014