Photo Feature: “New Normal One” at New Normal Brewing in Collaboration with Guerrero Gallery

by admin on April 1, 2015

Sam Gilbert’s New Normal Brewing, opening in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood this spring, has already generated a buzz by its intent to begin collaborating with local, and specifically Oakland artists — artists’ work will be incorporated in many ways: hanging on the walls, adorning beer labels, and printed on pint glasses. But, before New Normal takes its place as a local, celebrated bierfest, New Normal Brewing will be a temporary, 3-month gallery space curated by Andres Guerrero of San Francisco’s Guerrero Gallery. Guerrero, who began his arts career in Oakland, will curate exhibits that feature local artists and examine regional concerns. Each exhibition will focus upon a particular theme, creating a series of exhibitions that fortify an in-depth visual dialogue concerning the current state of the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The debut of three, one-month shows planned, “New Normal One” now on view through April 18 focuses on the dynamic artist community in Oakland. Emerging and established artists exhibit alongside each other, indicative of the wide gamut of experiences and individual artistic concerns that call Oakland home, and inspiration. Exhibiting artists like Rich Jacobs, Alicia McCarthy, and California College of the Arts Painting department Chair Linda Geary’s works may be well-known among arts enthusiasts here and beyond the immediate region. Dan Swindel and Mario Ayala, recent graduates of California College of the Arts and San Francisco Art Institute respectively, have been garnering more and more attention with their intriguing artist practices and the evocative manifestations of their ideas and interests. In “New Normal One” three-dimensional works, like sculpture and installation alongside painting and print-work, which all apply traditional and innovative approaches, inform and influence perspective and perception. Guerrero’s exhibition illustrates the diversity of Oakland’s arts and artists.


New Normal One, a group exhibition featuring artwork by Mario Ayala, James Cordas, Chris Duncan, Linda Geary, Rich Jacobs, Sahar Khoury, Alicia McCarthy, Jeff Morris, Steuart Pittman, Laura Rokas, Dan Swindel, and Jiharri Terry will be on view at New Normal Brewing through April 18th at 4115 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland.